Screenprinter Takeover: JFY Studios

JFY Studios Takeover ūüĆć ‚ú®

Here at Hunt The Moon, we're proud to work with and support creative artists across the UK. With  takeovers, tutorials and showcases we're able to highlight the fantastic work being created. We were lucky to work with Jessica from JFY Studios, to check out her work and more about her, read her Screen Printing Artist Showcase here. 

The¬†Idea ūüöÄ

During the takeover project, JFY Studios decided to create a variety of layered screen prints inspired by the patterns and flows created within moving water.

Tools & Equipment ‚ėÄÔłŹ

Inks ūüĆą

For this takeover project JFY went ahead and used inks from the Hunt The Moon Fluorescent Ink Bundle, with colours in; Yellow, Green, Orange and Pink.

As well as the Fluorescent Inks, JFY used a variety of our Eco Waterbased Screen Printing Inks to mix up some custom colours. She created a range of greens by mixing green, red, yellow, and blue inks which she then printed in layers to create monochromatic prints with depth. 

"I chose to work with the fluro inks because I wanted to play with layering bold colours, seeing how the vibrant colour pops would work with such delicate patterns. I was beyond impressed with how vibrant these inks were, and how well they worked when printed on top of one another."

Tools ūüßį

JFY used her Hunt The Moon Wooden Screens and Squeegee during the takeover project which worked like a dream! 

"When it comes to printing, I personally love using a wooden squeegee as I prefer feeling the texture on my hands when printing, but you can choose metal too if that works better for you!"

Through¬†Jessica's degree at Falmouth University, she has¬†access to some amazing print facilities and¬†is able to use¬†higher end technical equipment such as large print tables, exposure units, pressurised washing facilities and drying racks‚Ķbut everything printed in this takeover is certainly achievable at home ūüôĆ

Let's Begin ✨

JFY began by taking her original paintings, scanning them in to my computer, and then transforming them into B&W files ready to be printed onto acetate. Once the files were ready she turned her attention to preparing the screens and print tables. 

JFY then grabbed some screens, washed them up and and re-coated each one with emulsion. This involves using a high pressure hose to remove the current coating and design, leaving you with a fresh blank screen which can then be coated in UV light sensitive emulsion, ready for a new design to be exposed. Once the coating had dried, I exposed my new acetate designs onto each screen using the big exposure unit.

Next is an overlooked step in the screen printing process - cleaning. It’s important to ensure the surface you’re printing onto is clean to avoid any misprints and imperfections.

"I always start my print session by washing the table down and preparing the surface. Here, I’m using warm soapy water and a fine bristled brush to scrub any excess paints and inks off the table and leaving to dry." - JFY

As JFY is printing multiple layered designs, she tapes her paper directly onto the screen between each layer of printing to help ensure the alignment is always correct. Another way of doing this is to lay your paper on the table and tape around each edge, using these lines to match up with the edge of the screen when printing. If you have access to a print press this can also help with alignment issues. 

She then starts by printing each design in one colour several times, doing 2 pulls each time. 

"I spooned out my inks onto the screen, making sure I had an even distribution across the design."

Protip: "Make sure your squeegee is at a 45 degree angle and pull towards you with a fair amount of pressure twice. Any less and you risk the design not coming out fully, any more and you risk flooding the design with too much ink meaning a loss in quality…but this varies depending on your screen, ink, design, and preference so have a play and see what works for you!"

This then left her with 3 of each design, in 3 colour ways. Meaning she's now able to add one, two, and three layers in varying colours to each print. 

So with that in mind, JFY continued to print a second layer using a different design and colour of ink, laying the screen directly over the initial print.

She then repeats this printing process until she had a series of 3 layered prints, in each of 3 colour-ways. It's worth noting, if you only have access to a few screens and have to re-use, be sure to clean throughly after use; we recommend our Screen Wash and leaving aside to fully dry before reusing.

And with that, JFY obtained some really creative results that look great!

Watch JFY carry out the entire process here:


Final thoughts ūüé®

"I absolutely loved being a part of this Hunt The Moon takeover and had so much fun creating these prints which formed part of my current project ‚ÄėGaia‚Äô, an exploration into the connections between people and nature through creation."

"Using Hunt The Moon’s products is always a pleasure and capturing each stage of the process through imagery and videos was a really useful tool in understanding my own process further. A massive thanks to Hunt The Moon for asking me to take part in this and to all of you for following along on the journey!"

We absolutely loved working with JFY Studios on this takeover, and we think it really showcases the importance of constantly experimenting, exploring, and creating using what truly inspires and interests you.

Like JFY notes:
"Don’t worry about the final outcome, enjoy the process and challenge your use of colour, material and inspiration to find your unique printing style!"

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