Screenprinter Showcase: JFY Studios

Introducing JFY! ✨

Here at Hunt The Moon, we're proud to work with and support creative artists across the UK. With  takeovers, tutorials and showcases we're able to highlight the fantastic work being created. We were lucky to work with JFY Studios for a Hunt The Moon takeover, which you can read here.

But first, we thought we'd the time to introduce you to exactly who JFY Studios is.

Meet Jessica, founder and owner of JFY studios, a funky print business with sustainability at the heart of the creative process currently based between Devon and Cornwall. Jessica aims to create one of a kind pieces aiming to educate, inspire, and empower people to reconnect with both planet and people through creativity.

"From custom garment printing, to up-cycled pieces, artworks, and outdoor art instillations I screen print with a mission to educate, inspire, an empower." - JFY Studios

Jessica first came into screen printing at college as part of her A-Level Textiles course. She recounts on loving how messy it was, being able to see her design come to life through a couple of pulls - we couldn't agree more, nothing beats flooding and pulling the first screen of a new project!

"I started screen-printing much more, experimenting with line, pattern, and texture more than anything, and have continued this exploration through my degree." - JFY Studios

When asked on where she pulls her inspiration from, she answered with our natural world, with most of what she creates coming directly from my observations and interpretations from within nature. And this really does show in her work on her IG page where she uses techniques such as layering and abstraction to create some really creative pieces. 

JFY's Favourite Projects ☀️

We figure the best way to experience the creative talent JFY Studios brings is simply showcasing some of her (and our!) favourite screen printing projects:


"This was a collaborative project between myself, Jack Crowley, and 99p films, where we designed a piece to promote a film event about the importance of kelp." - JFY Studios


"This project formed the basis of my FMP at uni and is an ongoing project born from a love for and desire to connect with our natural world and inspire others to do the same." - JFY Studios

Taking inspiration from our natural environment, Jessica created a series of layered screen-printed pieces focusing on natural colours, dyes, and textures through the use of naturally dyed waste bamboo fabric, and Hunt The Moon inks. The project was aimed at outdoor immersive workshops, festivals and event spaces.

Abstracted Nature 🎨

A particular favourite of ours here at Hunt The Moon as well as Jessica!

"This project was so much fun to print! I created a series of paintings inspired by the patterns found within moving water and exposed them onto screens to create abstracted prints for garments. Looking back at this project always puts me in such a summer mindset, full of colour and pattern...and of course created using ethically sourced materials and Hunt The Moon inks."

Top Three Tricks & Tips ✨

Tip One: Using Tape 🙏

When it comes to printing layered paper prints, tape paper directly to the screen to help ensure the alignment is perfect! It can be really tricky to line up each layer of your design if you’re printing by hand without a print press, so I find it can be really useful to either tape the paper directly to the screen (ensuring its fully dry between layers), or use masking tape to create a border around your paper and mark the corners in a contrasting colour which will help you align the screen each time you pint a new layer.

Find out more here in a blog we created on creating multiple layer stencil prints ✨

Tip Two: Household Creativeness 🏠

When it comes to mixing and creating custom Hunt The Moon inks, be sure to use what you may have around the house for storage such as; old jam jars, butter pots, or similar household items!

Find out more about Custom Ink Colours in our latest blog.

Tip Three: Experiment 🙌

Always experiment with different papers/fabrics to create depth and texture in your prints. For example, printing onto a see-through fabric will give the print many different qualities to printing onto cotton. Just as printing onto white card will be different to newspaper or tissue paper! Playing around with different backgrounds and materials can be really fun and help you see your design in different lights! 

Jessica's Go To Product 👀

Having used Hunt The Moon since her foray into screen printing, Jessica has had the chance to experiment with many different inks, such as our Standard, Process and Monthly Ink Subscription range.

"However my favourite product from Hunt The Moon is definitely the Fluorescent Ink range as the colours are so vibrant and go such a long way!

I’d recommend using the fluro inks to add a pop of colour to your designs, whether that’s a tiny accent or printing the entire design in fluro! I think the colours work most effectively when paired with some of Hunt The Moon’s standard inks so that the full intensity of colour can be seen against the non-fluro inks."

So what’s next for JFY Studios...

"I’m graduating this summer so will be focusing on JFY studios much more over the coming year which is super exciting! Exploring large scale print projects, festivals, and workshops will be the focus for now and I can’t wait to start pushing my prints further!

Please feel free to follow along for the journey via my instagram link below…hopefully a website will be appearing soon too under the name of so keep an eye out for future projects!"

To take a look at JFY Studio's Hunt The Moon Takeover content, be sure to check out our blog covering it which you can read here 🌈

We had such a blast working with Jessica from JFY Studios and we definitely recommend following her over on Instagram - she creates awesome content and we can't wait to see what's in store next 👀


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