The best screen printing kits to get you started

Screen Printing made easy ✨

At Hunt The Moon, we believe that screen printing should be affordable and accessible to everyone. Our screen printing kits are great for beginners and seasoned printers alike, with everything included in the kits remaining useful as your skills and knowledge grow.

Screen printing is also fun for all the family, our kits provide endless hours of creativity and are easy to clean up when you've finished - you can also use them time and time again! So whether you're looking to spend some quality time with your loved ones or want to organise a screen printing workshop, our kits are the perfect choice to unlock your creative side!

Our screen printing kits are also great for schools and workshops. We offer a variety of kits that are perfect for classroom settings, and our how to guides make it easy for teachers to teach screen printing to their students. 

 1. Screen Printing Kit Stencil Kit

This easy to use kit is a great place to start screen printing and comes with everything you need to be able to make your first prints included in the box. We have a stencil kit designed for printing T Shirts & Fabric and a stencil kit for printing Paper & Card.

The technique for the stencil kit is simple, cut a design out of the stencil paper included, much like folding paper and cutting it to make a snowflake. You can be as creative as you like with this one!

This kit is also great for schools and workshops, it allows students to get super creative and use the skills they've been learning throughout the year in a new and interesting medium.

Stencil Screen printing kit

2. Deluxe Aluminium Screen Printing Kit

The Deluxe Aluminium Screen Printing Kit is a great all rounder. We have both versions for T Shirts & Fabric and for Paper & Card. Like in all our kits, the squeegee is good for anything and the inks are the same in all the kits - our eco inks work great on fabrics and papers.

Use this kit to build out how you want to print, whether that's using Stencil Paper, Yupo Paper, Vinyl Stencils or Photo Emulsion.

This kit is great for schools, the sturdy aluminium frames last a lifetime and can be re-meshed as they get worn.

 screen printing aluminium kit

3. Photo Emulsion Screen Printing Kit

The Photo Emulsion method is what is used when you want to expose a computer made image on to the screen. It's a great choice for high detail, logos, fine lines and much more.

We offer these screen printing kits for both T Shirts & Fabric and Paper & Card. Again the eco inks being transferable across both kits and the difference being in the mesh on the screen itself.

With this kit you will need to be able to print your graphic on to a screen printing Transparency in order to do the screen exposure, you will also need a light source to burn the image on to the screen.

 photo emulsion screen printing kit

4. Custom image Screen Printing Kit - Wooden

Let us do it for you! We'll take the hassle out of screen exposure and we'll expose your design on to the screen and send it out ready to print. We offer these affordable wooden screen kits for both T Shirts & Fabric and Paper & Card

This is a great way to get started if you've an image in mind you want to print from the offset. It's great for start up clothing brands looking to print t shirt graphics, businesses looking to dip their toes in to printing logos and company merchandise, and much more! 

We'll ship the kit with your design on the screen, a squeegee and a selection of inks that can be used from the tub, or mixed together to create customer colours - perfect if you need to mix up brand colours!

custom image screen printing kit

5. Custom image Screen Printing Kit - Aluminium

Continuing on from the wooden framed kit above, our aluminium kit takes things to the next level and is ideal for brands and businesses looking for a top quality screen printing kit, thats ready to print their own logo or design right of out the box.  

Like all our screen printing kits we have these for both T Shirts & Fabric and Paper & Card and the kits will come with a squeegee and a selection of mixable inks.

These kits are also great for fine art students, looking to be able to screen print at home, or away from college or university facilities. 

 aluminium screen with your image custom screen printing kit

 Screen Printing for everyone 🎨

We've a wide range of kit options that are designed to meet your needs whether it's your first time printing or you're an old hand at it. Perhaps you printed years ago and are looking for a way back in - our kits are perfect for that and you'll be able to create stunning prints in no time.

All our kits include our eco water-based inks, which are non-toxic and easy to clean up. They work great straight out of the tub and no textile medium is needed (they are designed for screen printing). They can be mixed together to make endless colour palettes. They are easily heat cured with an iron, so you can pop your printed garments through the wash.

Top tips: 

Are you wanting to print on dark fabrics? Our Opaque inks are ideal for this. Screen printing White on Black has never been easier!

Add some fun colours to your basket and create magical prints! We've creative palettes in our ink bundles and a beautiful range of metallic inks to make your prints shimmer!

metallic screen printing inks

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