World Book Day x Screen Printing Workshop

Taking a page out of our book¬†ūüďĖ ¬†

The Prologue

World Book Day is here and what better way to spend it than screen printing? ūüďĖ It's a great way for Schools, Universities and groups to experiment and share their creative talents and love of reading!
Well this year, that's exactly what A Level Art students from Tavistock College decided to do. The team from Hunt The Moon headed on down to teach basic level Stencil & Vinyl screen printing! It goes to say that the Year 12 A Level Art Students did an excellent job!

Chapter 1: The Tools used ✨

The tools the students (and teachers!) were using were:

Our Eco Waterbased Screen Printing Ink in the Jet Black, Rocket Red & Midnight Blue, all in 1ltr ✨
And of course, a very handy roll of our  Blue Screen Printing Block Out Tape.

Chapter 2: The Idea¬†ūüĎÄ

The idea was simple, everyone would design & print their own T Shirts with the theme of World Book day in mind, these could range from illustrations and quotes to their own artistic take!¬†ūüé®

That one chapter with the surprise twist ūüė≤

What was the twist? Well, considering for many of the students, this was their first foray into screen printing - they SMASHED it! They had some extremely creative ideas and amazing finished results ‚ú®

Epilogue ūüďá

We had an amazing time with the students at Tavistock College, it was great to introduce them to a new art form and show them the possibilities of screen printing.

The end(?) ūüĎÄ

We're hoping to do more workshops in the future, whether it's through online sessions we hold, schools and universities - if you could be interested then let us know.

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