Screen Print anywhere with a simple set up

Screen printing nearly anywhere with just a simple set up 

Over the summer Lauren (@laurendwyerofficial) was asked to go and teach children from 3 - 10 years, screen printing. It sounded like great fun and a good opportunity to get some kids printing. 

Printing with children is fun and can be done really easily. 

This time around it was a little different as it was in a farm setting with animals freely roaming whilst they printed.

Lauren used a single screen press, but you could easily use a simple hinge board set up to hold the screen into place.  

The press was set up on some hay, inks and cotton tote bags laid out ready to print.
A firmer base is recommended to put the press on ideally, but it worked just fine.
The kids chose to go for combination of colours to get all their favourite colours in one design.
A "Split Fountain" technique was used where you blend all the colours together to make a nice gradient. Every print is different with this technique so it makes them unique! 
Lauren used Hunt the Moon Eco Waterbased Ink as it is easy to use and clean up if things get a little messy (just wash it off with water before it dries in). Even better, the screens didn't dry out as she and the kids kept them flooded between prints.
This is especially important with the warm weather and sunshine. If the screen mesh is left open ink can dry in the screen and block. ( a mister spray bottle is handy if its super hot, just a light spray over a flooded screen keep the ink moist)
Before this day, the kids had never printed before but they ended up loving it! 😍
Lauren said some kids pointed out they loved the noise and the satisfaction of lifting up the screen to reveal their design below (something we all still find today!).
Lauren noticed that several kids had loved it so much they wanted to keep on printing on more and more items! 

Despite the unexpected visitors of a goat and kittens trying to sleep on the children's prints it was a great success and the parents were thrilled with their children's creations. 

Try printing in different locations and see how you get on, It's an awesome way learn! 🎨


Outdoor Printing Kit List:

Hunt the Moon Deluxe Aluminium Kit or Hunt the Moon Wooden T-shirts and Fabric Kit: 

(you can use stencils or a Custom Exposed screen)


Cotton Tote bags or T-shirts for printing on:



Screen Wash for clean up:

Screen Tape for masking off the edges of the screen: 


Plastic Spatulas (safer than metal):


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